Prayer for Language and Translations Production

  1. Pray for the ministry’s overall goal of language and translation production and the pursuit of our 2025 goal of completing Mission 865 and at least 2400 languages of the classic film JESUS.

  2. The focus on languages needed in the top 12 Priority Countries. Our Top 12 countries represent the top countries with almost 75% of the least and under-reached people in the world. Because of this, they are a priority but that doesn’t mean we neglect the rest of the world. Pray that key languages would be identified and that God would bring all the pieces together to produce each of these languages.

  3. Script creation for new languages and partnerships to move that forward. Script creation is a critical step to ensure accuracy and proper understanding of a new language. Ask God to lead and provide in the many steps involved. To reach the goals that God has given us, we need to work with partners to expand this work. Seek God’s provision of these partners who have the skills to help.

  4. Pray for the recording of new languages and the building of partnership networks to advance that, and lift up the training of current and new partners.

  5. Lift up the ongoing recruitment and training of new recordists within Jesus Film and Cru. Pray for the safety of recordists as they pursue recording languages in more difficult areas including Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

  6. Pray for the recording of new languages of other film and media products including Magdalena, Story of Jesus for Children,  Rivka, Walking with Jesus Africa, Following Jesus and Chosen Witness.

  7. Pray for the Studio Audio Production Team to be able to handle the significantly greater volume of various products that are coming and needing to be produced to help reach the 2025 goals.