A Movie Night with a Purpose

Reach Your Community

Some see a movie. Some see a movement.

A “Through Her Eyes Movie Night,” at your home or church could be the turning point in the life of someone you know. Your gracious hospitality can open the way to the loving acceptance—and joyful freedom—that awaits those who open their hearts to Christ.

Here’s how your movie night could unfold

15 MINUTESWelcome
5 MINUTESWatch “Free” – a short video for the modern woman, included on your DVD
60 MINUTESWatch “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes”
25 MINUTESUse the discussion questions to guide conversation
15 MINUTESChoose how your group can make a difference:Host future movie nightsBegin a “Reflections of Hope” studyAdopt a woman’s cause

Download free movie night resources