Jesus speaks

The JESUS film is now available in 2,000 languages. Millions have watched and their hearts have realized, “Jesus speaks my language!”

When Jesus Speaks Your Language

What language(s) did you learn at birth? Now imagine someone talking to you about Jesus in a completely different language, one you don’t speak at all. The conversation ends as soon as it begins. That’s the experience much of the world has when it comes to the gospel.

Jesus’ words in thousands of heart languages removes obstacles. It gives believers a tool for communicating across language and cultural barriers. It also opens the door to understanding, connection and ultimately to people knowing Jesus’ love and forgiveness for themselves. When Jesus speaks your language, everything changes.

The gospel in every language

JESUS in 2,000 languages is just the beginning. Today more than ever, we want to help everyone, everywhere have access to the gospel in a way they can understand, no matter where they are or what language they speak. 

When you give, you can become part of that exciting mission.