NextSteps Journey Builder : Create Interactive Video Series to Connect with and Serve People

NextSteps Journey Builder is a free video platform that allows ministries to offer their online audiences a relevant next step to discover or follow Christ.

Imagine Helping Your User Navigate All Those Questions About Jesus, Online

When someone arrives on your page with a question about faith and following Jesus, they can be met with more than just an inspiring post and an invitation to chat.

With NextSteps Journey Builder, your online audiences can grow in their faith from the moment they arrive. With interactive video journeys, you can continue giving your online audiences a relevant next step according to their spiritual needs and cultural contexts. 

Starting with tried-and-true NextSteps Journey templates, customize the experience according to your unique ministry approach.

Then, copy and paste the link behind an ad campaign, on your landing page, or even social media profile. It’s that simple to start helping people navigate their questions about Jesus.





Create Relevant Next Steps for Users When They Watch Your Videos

What if every time someone landed on your website or social media page they were given a relevant next step to grow in their faith with content that guided them right then and there? NextSteps Journey Builder equips ministry partners with the ability to create, customize and publish interactive video series online, giving their audience relevant, digital next steps to discover or follow Christ.

Engage With Those Hardest to Reach Simply And Effectively

Create endearing digital experiences people are excited to engage with and connect over.

Get in touch with our team for a demo on how NextSteps Journey Builder can help you connect with and serve more new people each week with interactive video series.