Watch: The World’s Largest Video Library Of Gospel Media About Jesus (All for Free)

With more than 2,000 languages translated, the whole world can experience the life saving story of Jesus Christ. We have so much more than just one film. We have dozens of different videos including short stories, anime and more. All these videos are free to stream, download or publish on your own website or app.





Support Your Ministry Partners With the Story of Jesus in Their Language

One of the most compelling ways for someone to meet Jesus is to see him and hear him in their own language. That’s what the Jesus Film Project is all about. We’ve translated a host of videos into more than 2,000 languages, and they’re all here.

The goal: Have the Jesus Film Project library of media available in every language of the world, on any device. This app is designed to be the tool that can equip anyone, anywhere to introduce people they love to Jesus.


The ultimate goal for the Watch space is to reach the last, the least, and the lost. People who are looking to know more about who Jesus is.


The phase is about encouraging user interactions to generate goals/conversions on the Watch space (based on discovery).


This phase focuses on developing a long-term relationship with users, building loyalty and repeat usage of the product, as well as sharing it with the users personal network.

Imagine The Whole World Hearing and Understanding The Story Of Jesus. They Can!

The internet can be a scary place, but it can also be a tool for helping reach the least and the lost. The poorest people in the poorest parts of the world have a mobile phone. Imagine them watching the Jesus film in their own language. Imagine being part of that movement.

The Jesus Film Project App includes a host of numerous films in more than 2,000 languages.


Plus, you can easily search any film by language and country (you can even see which languages are most popular near you).

And everything is free.

The films are free.

You can download any video and keep it forever, for free. You can share clips, episodes, or even entire films for free online. This media was made to be shared and given away, so you can use the whole library to share the good news of Jesus with anyone and everyone.

Visit Our Library of Free Evangelical Videos

Share these gospel videos with ministry partners, family members, friends, neighbors, even strangers. Share the story of Jesus in more than 2,000 languages on social media, your website or app. All for free.