Breaking the Red Lights

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Sanjay and his wife prayed one more time before entering the infamous village. Everyone knew a man would only enter Acha Nagar for one reason, and an honorable man would not. But to a church planter like Sanjay, the village’s reputation drew him to action. The families of this “red-light” village needed the light of Christ, right down to the last prostitute.

When Sanjay and his wife met Sangeetha, the village leader-and madam of all the sex workers-they seized the moment. With boldness and compassion, they spoke of Christ’s love and showed Sangeetha the “JESUS” film. She and her whole family received Christ with joy.

Just as the Samaritan woman ran and told her whole town about Jesus after her encounter with Him, Sangeetha wanted her neighbors to see “JESUS.” Day after day, the former madam took Sanjay and his wife to every household in the village, 30 families in all. Twenty-two families, around 100 people, received Jesus’ offer of new life in Him.

As more women in Acha Nagar gave their lives to Christ, Sangeetha made prostitution illegal. This presented a new problem: The women needed reputable ways to provide income for their families.

After praying and seeking the advice of other ministry leaders, Sanjay and his wife taught Sangeetha and the other women, both Christian and not, how to sew. Over time the village women received orders from garment companies, creating a new, sustainable means of support. The whole community had been transformed from the inside out.

Today, 20 families faithfully participate in one of two Bible studies every week, and once these new believers have been baptized, they plan to form two churches.

If you were to visit Acha Nagar now, you wouldn’t find a disreputable village. The red light has been shattered. A new light shines because of Jesus.

If you or someone you know is interested in leading a Bible study, consider using Jesus Film Project’s resource, “We are All Missionaries guide!