“Brothers” Short Film Review

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A dead father. A funeral service. A grieving family.

A sequel to the parable of the Prodigal Son. Set in modern times.

Although produced several years ago, the short film “Brothers” is still being used frequently to promote spiritual discussions. The film begins a few years after the original story from Luke 15. The father is now dead and the fallout between the two brothers is still happening.

The plot deals with several topics, including regrets, forgiveness, jealousy, and perseverance. We’ve all experienced these issues and any one of them would easily spark a conversation with viewers.

Actors Anthony Cosmano and Chris Burns, do a great job as brothers in need of reconciliation. The acting is believable, both among the two main characters and the extras at the wake. I love that the mom is included in this sequel too, bringing depth to the storyline. I also appreciate how the backstory is told without making you feel like you’re listening to backstory. It’s not forced or contrived, it’s just a conversation that happens naturally between the two family members in the lobby.

Directed by staff member, Paul Hardway, the film (shot in First Presbyterian Church of Orlando) is almost 9 minutes long. Our ministry has used this film both in the U.S. and overseas with much success. Below are some of the questions you could ask after to prompt deeper talks.

  • Which of the two brothers has the greater flaws?
  • How would your own dad respond if you were the brother who abandoned the family?
  • What do you think about the concept that the father in this story is like God?

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