5 Questions for Starting Conversations about Jesus

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Sometimes it can feel unnatural to start conversations about faith. It can feel forced and awkward. The key is to look for opportunities to transition to topics that intersect with your beliefs. When the conversation lends itself to questions that make the discussion feel natural, people are much more open to the discussion. 

But remember, if you’re going to use questions as a tool to lead to a conversation about faith, you need to be a good listener. It’s pretty apparent to people when you’re asking a question you want to answer. So don’t just wait for them to finish and then ignore their response. Instead, truly listen and engage with their answer. It will make the conversation feel a lot more productive and meaningful. 

1. Why do you think there is so much pain in the world? 

Everyone deals with hurt and frustration, and we’ve all asked ourselves this question at one time or another. And it provides such a natural transition to discussing the gospel. It provides a genuine opportunity to discuss topics like sin and hope and why Jesus came to reconcile us all to God. 

2. Who has had the most significant impact on your life? 

Not only is this great for getting to know someone better, but they’ll inevitably ask you the same question. You might use it to talk about Jesus or speak of someone who’s been a powerful example of the gospel at work. 

3. What do you think Christians believe? 

Sometimes the topic of faith comes up naturally. Maybe it’s in response to a news story or a negative example of faith. Quite often, people think they understand Christianity better than they do. These conversations can help you discern what someone knows about Jesus, and follow-up is as easy as asking, “As a Christian, can I tell you what I actually believe?” 

4. What do you think happens when we die? 

It’s strange that we seldom talk about death, but it’s something that everyone experiences. So this question can lead to intriguing discussions and an opportunity to share your hope in Jesus. 

5. Do you have a moment you consider a significant turning point in your life?

These kinds of questions are meaningful even if they just help you know and understand your friends or family better. But it can also allow you to talk about your own turning points. It doesn’t have to be a conversion story or testimony. You could also talk about a mistake you made or a conversation you had that helped you see Jesus in a different light. 

Using the Jesus Film Project® app 

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