Middle Easterners React Strongly to “JESUS” in Europe

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Middle Eastern families accepted a relationship with Jesus after attending a “JESUS” film showing in Europe before many were forced to return to their home countries.

Our partner, Elijah21, a German ministry that evangelizes to Middle Easterners throughout Europe, attempted to invite refugees from a local return center but was prohibited by the many security guards.

God cares so much for these refugees, who had lost hope in their new land, that He provided a way.

One family heard the gospel of Jesus for the first time one day before leaving for the deportation plane.

A Kurdish family from Iraq with three children, who are all deaf or mute, was excited to learn that they could attend the “JESUS” film showing event. They were given strict orders to return to Romania the day after the film showing.

God is continuing to work in the hearts of Middle Easterners in Europe.

Elijah21 staff members were not allowed to enter the return center, where another refugee camp was located. The Kurdish family visited the center and invited all the people. So many people were interested in attending the film showing that there were not enough seats on the bus to take them there! Staff members had to use their personal vehicles to transport them all to the event.

Eighty-five refugee children came and played at a nearby school playground before the film started.

It is because of the children that many women who didn’t want to learn about Jesus came to the event. Children were not allowed to ride the bus without a parent. Many of these children cried, and as a result, many of their mothers, covered in black veils, accompanied them to the film.

Many of the refugees responded emotionally to the life and message of Jesus-even the teenagers.

“We are so touched by the ‘JESUS’ film,” one Kurdish woman said as she wiped tears from her eyes. “I will read the Bible!”

Samer*, a 14-year-old boy from Iraq, was especially touched by Jesus’s love.

Samer didn’t know where his mother was, or even if she was dead or alive in Iraq. His heart was heavy.

After watching “JESUS,” he was so happy he was hardly recognizable.

In every film room, almost all of the refugees provided their contact information so that they could stay in touch with the church.

Rain was forecasted to pour on the evening of the film showing, but God held it off until the last bus had left to return the refugees!

One ministry partner located in France wants to observe Elijah21’s “JESUS” film showings to Middle Easterners so that they can show “JESUS” to Middle Easterners in France. They see Jesus calling former Muslims to act as lighthouses for their countries because God is planning powerful things!

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*Name changed for privacy.