Jesus Film Project Ranked in the Top Ten Ministries for ROI

group watching the Jesus film in building

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There are so many giving opportunities for Christians. A lot of people would like to give more, but they feel overwhelmed by the options. They might be concerned that they may be giving to an organization that mismanages money. What if they’re not fully aligned with the ministry’s values? These kinds of questions can make people hesitant to give. 

Thankfully, organizations like ROI Ministry help shine a light on the ministries worldwide that are strategically using their resources to make a difference. ROI Ministry was founded on the belief that God’s resources should be used for the most good possible, dollar for dollar. With that in mind, they highlight ministries that are particularly effective and considered great kingdom investment opportunities. 

Focusing on using ministry dollars well 

The problem is that only a small percentage of worldwide giving is used to minister to the poor and those who don’t know Jesus. Yet, as much as 97 percent of all giving is used to minister to Christians. On their Problem-and-Solution page, ROI Ministry points out the irony that the most effective ministries are the ones meeting these needs, but they’re also the ones where donations are most urgently needed. 

To that end, ROI Ministry identifies the top ministries that are doing the most for the kingdom of God based on their per-dollar impact. For people looking for ministries promising the best kingdom return on their investment, ROI Ministry provides a genuinely invaluable service. 

We’re honored to be ranked among the top ten ministries making a significant kingdom impact with each dollar given. Others on the list include ministries like Medical Ambassadors International, Serv International, Neverthirst, and the Mailbox Club

ROI Ministry’s impact calculator allows you to see exactly how much good your potential gift can accomplish. And donations can be made to these ministries right from the calculator page. 

If you want to know more about the return on investment you can expect when you give to Jesus Film Project, you can download a copy of the 2022 Jesus Film Project Statement of Impact from ROI Ministry. 

You can also visit Jesus Film Project’s Financial Accountability page, where you can peruse our annual financial reports, stewardship guidelines, and position statements. We take our responsibility to manage God’s resources seriously, which means being as transparent as possible.

In addition, on our giving page, you’ll find that our ministry has been certified as “Transparent” through Excellence in Giving. This recognition is given when charities share more data than the IRS requires. We also abide by the standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

When it comes to the Great Commission, Jesus Film Project is all in. We’re immeasurably grateful as we think of the many people who have partnered with us through giving, and most importantly to God, who has allowed every result.

If you’re passionate about carrying Jesus’ story and message into the unreached world, there are many ways to serve and pray to support this ambitious work. To learn more about giving options, check out