Jesus Film Project Resources for Sharing Jesus’s Resurrection

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You may be surprised to learn that Jesus Film Project® has an array of resources available to help you share the excitement of Easter with your family, friends and neighbors. Here is a list that includes video collections, ministry stories and personal testimonies of life-change.

1) The Easter Collection

A collection of scenes from the “JESUS” film that pertain to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. These full-length films and individual scenes are offered in 1,672 languages.

2) Anticipate the Resurrection

A collection of scenes from “The Life of Jesus” (originally known as the “Gospel of John”),featuring the life, trials, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. The film and individual scenes are available in 16 languages.

3) Easter Explained

An introductory video containing narrative and images that explain the history of the celebration of Easter. It’s less than two minutes long and available in English.

4) The Hope Collection

A collection of four short films prompting discussion about life, feelings of failure and futility, and death that could be helpful in hosting an evening of spiritual discussion with your non-believing friends and family. “The Hope Collection” can assist you in explaining Easter and also by promoting conversation that can encourage guests to consider having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Does Life Feel Futile? – A short film about the meaning of life. This topic can sound scary but there is a list of discussion questions to encourage spiritual conversation about our purpose in life and how to find hope in Jesus.

Do Your Failures Seem Fatal? – A list of discussion questions and three short films focusing on failure and sin and how God addresses our shortcomings through His forgiveness.

Is Death Final? – An infographic with fun facts, statistics and descriptions of each individual in the Bible who was brought back to life, whether by Jesus, or one of His disciples.

5) “Magdalena: Through Her Eyes”

Magdalena: Through Her Eyes” is one of Jesus Film Project’s most watched feature films. It has encouraged women around the world by demonstrating Jesus’s tender regard for women, as witnessed by Mary Magdalene. It’s about an hour long and available in 179 languages. “Magdalena” is inspiring women everywhere to realize and claim the purpose for which they were created: to know the love of Jesus. It has elicited an incredible response around the world.

The collection includes the one-hour version of “Magdalena” as well as the original 82-minute director’s cut. A series of short clips (two to five minutes each) paired with thought-provoking questions helps viewers delve deeper into God’s Word to discover hope for their lives.

6) Easter Outreach Parties for Children

An in-depth resource written by Cru’s® Inner City ministry with dozens of activities for children. It also includes tips on evangelizing children and organizing an Easter event for your neighborhood or family get-together.

7) Six Creative Ways to Experience Easter

A list of Easter outreach ideas, conversation starters, ministry apps, and other Cru websites to guide you in answering tough questions about God and Christianity.

8) Blogs and Stories of Life-Change

Sometimes the death and resurrection of Jesus can be hard to believe from a logical standpoint. But God is doing miracles around the world. In one blog, He brings a baby back to life and gently teaches a Cru staff member about the reality of life, death, and eternity. Other stories include a theological understanding of the resurrection and why it applies to our lives today.

How My Husband’s Death Changed the Way I See Easter

Rolling Away the Stone of Doubt in the Resurrection

Share with us how your event or evangelistic conversations went in the comments below. We would love to know how we can help you in future encounters to celebrate and share what God has done in and through you!