5 Ways You Can Use Jesus Film Project Media

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Since the founding of Jesus Film Project®, we’ve leaned heavily on film as a tool for ministry and evangelism. The JESUS film alone has been translated into more than 2,100 languages, leading to more than 600 million decisions to follow Jesus worldwide. 

Today, you will find hundreds of videos on our website, YouTube channel, and free mobile app. These include feature-length motion pictures, short films, movies for kids, and inspirational videos. 

These films are free to use and share, and here are some ways you can use them in your life and ministry.

1. Personal entertainment, inspiration and growth 

There seem to be thousands of streaming services and places you can scroll to watch content, but the choices thin out pretty quickly if you’re looking for something that aligns with your spiritual values and will help you grow closer to Jesus. You’re guaranteed to find something in our media library that will stir and encourage you.

2. Sharing your faith with others 

Sharing Jesus’ story doesn’t have to rest upon your ability to articulate the message or overcome someone else’s objectives. Sometimes, it’s as simple as leading them to the right tool. On top of the JESUS film, we have media resources that cater to women, children, and skeptics—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And because most of these resources are available in multiple translations, language doesn’t even need to be a barrier to sharing the life-changing story of Jesus. 

3. Sermon illustrations 

If you’re preaching from Luke, John or Acts, there’s likely a clip available to help illustrate the passage, but the opportunities aren’t limited to those three movies. Our extensive short-film library is packed with powerful resources to help you reinforce ideas and themes. 

4. Social media content 

Are you looking to communicate biblical ideas with your friends, family, and followers? You can link to any film or clip in our library or even from our YouTube channel, and your followers can easily click through to learn more about Jesus. By posting it on social media, you make it easier for them to share it on their feeds as well. 

5. Small group discussions 

Small groups come in many shapes. They can be church members that meet in homes during the week, youth groups, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, etc. Whatever your small group looks like, our short-film library is an invaluable resource if you’re looking for a helpful tool to get conversations started. You’ll find all kinds of videos to help facilitate discussion about multiple topics. Most of them run around the 5-7 minute mark, and they will get your group talking. But you might find other content helpful, like the NUA series or our Leader Impact: Grow Your Relationship with God video series. 

Take advantage of our media library 

Our media library is growing. As we announced at the tail end of 2023, we’re deep into the production of a new animated film about Jesus’ life. Make sure to check our media library frequently so you don’t miss out on new additions! 

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