Film Review: Z-Blog

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There are many words we may think of when we hear the word, “zombie,” but the word “evangelism” is typically not one of them.

In this unique six-episode film series, “Z-Blog,” a zombie yearns for a better life after he receives a second chance but discovers it’s a lot harder than he thought it would be.

If you think you know where the plot is going, hold on for a moment, because this series was used to depict a need for spiritual salvation.

Despite the film shoot ending before planned, it grew in popularity among students across the country and triggered surprising responses. The Z-Blog producer Brent Larson- who also produced “Jangled,” and “Flow,” wrote five of the six videos in the series. He said one man used the entire Z-Blog series for high school evangelism and saw 30 students come to Christ.

What makes this film so relatable is the evident need the zombie has for a better life. This brings Romans 6 to mind about how we were all once dead to sin and have been made alive through Christ. I think the series is communicating this need for a new life through Him, except, this zombie doesn’t have God, despite getting a second chance at life.

Z-Blog is owned by our media partner, Broken Phonebooth, and can be found on their website. The series-originally meant to be one long film- was filmed in one day in Larson’s un-air-conditioned garage.

The actor, Matt Flood, was employed as Captain America at Universal Studios, Orlando at the time of filming. He plays the zombie Jordan, who starts the series by assuring his blog viewers that he is not a zombie, or at least not like other zombies in the news. The intent of his blog series is to educate the public that not all zombies are bad and that his zombie situation is only temporary. But at the same time, his decaying image dispels that notion.

In a later episode, Jordan receives an unexpected visitor, who tries to convince him that he needs to relocate. As expected, Jordan argues that he is fine with how he’s living.

Sound familiar? Haven’t we all felt at one point we didn’t need to change even after someone or some event suggested otherwise?

In the last episode Jordan has dinner with a friend and it ends terribly wrong. His feelings begin to change-so does his appetite.

This entertaining series could be effectively used to engage people in spiritual conversations. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What did you take away from this film?
  • Have you felt concern for a friend whose life you thought was headed in the wrong direction?
  • How might you connect Jordan’s situation to your lifestyle?
  • How do Jordan’s attempts to change compare to what the Bible tell us about eternal salvation?

The short film, “Falling Plates,” by Jesus Film Project® , reiterates how all life forms deteriorate with time, showing our brokenness and need for a savior, similar to the Z-Blog series.