3 Ways You’ll See Jesus In Our Animated Short Film, “Chosen Witness”

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At Jesus Film Project®, we believe that knowing Jesus is absolutely life-changing. That’s why we’re passionate about creating opportunities for people to see and experience Him through every film in our library.

Our animated short film “Chosen Witness” is meant to do just that. This film shares the story of Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus’s followers. As you watch her encounter Jesus and follow Him, you’ll see Jesus in three ways.

1. You’ll see Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalene

“Chosen Witness” shows the perspective of Mary Magdalene, who was not only a follower of Jesus but also the first witness to His resurrection. You’ll share her journey, from her first life-changing encounter with Jesus through the days thereafter, walking alongside Him. Watch and see her respond to His suffering as someone who experienced suffering in her very own life.

2. You’ll see the life of Jesus

While the film offers a closer look at Mary Magdalene’s experiences, “Chosen Witness” is really about Jesus’s story. Each scene is carefully crafted to bring the story of Jesus to life. In just nine minutes, you’ll watch His life, death and resurrection. And if you’re looking for a longer film to keep learning about Jesus’s story, every word spoken in “Chosen Witness’ comes from our original feature-length films the “JESUS” film and “Magdalena.”

3. You’ll see Jesus’s heart for outcasts

When God chose Mary Magdalene to be the first witness to Christ’s resurrection, it’s important to remember that at that time, a woman like Mary was somewhat of an outcast in society. At that time, a woman wasn’t even fully acceptable to be a witness in a court of law. Yet, God chose Mary to be the first witness to the most important event in history.

One of our executive producers of “Chosen Witness,” Elizabeth Schenkel, puts it like this: “That was an act of elevating women, of establishing that women are equal in value to men. At that time, that was a revolutionary idea.” As you watch, you’ll see that Jesus didn’t come to dismiss marginalized people, but rather to identify with them, saying “They are why I’m here.”

“Chosen Witness” is now streaming. You can watch it on our Watch page, the JFP app and on our YouTube channel in 38 languages from around the world. We hope it will bring you closer to Jesus and help you share Him with others, too.