Broken Cisterns

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Kwame*, a retired police officer, learned how to evangelize using digital media and a tablet at a Jesus Film® training event led by Okoro* and his team. Excited about the techniques he’d learned, Kwame decided to visit a group of retired officers that same day.

As the men gathered together, Kwame pulled up the short film “Flow” on his tablet. A means of starting spiritual conversations, this comedic short film uses a metaphor of two sources of water, one dirty and one clean, to illustrate how, oftentimes, many people will choose the unclean over the clean.

After watching “Flow,” Kwame’s friends angrily asked why the man in the film was choosing to use dirty water when clean water was readily available. Kwame began relating the story to the retirees’ lives, leading the men to ask more questions. By the end of the conversation, all five men surrendered their lives to Christ.

Around the same time, in another location, Okoro’s team showed “Flow” to several drug-addicted teens. Reacting in the same manner as the retirees, the teens asked why the man in the film behaved that way. Okoro related the film to their lifestyle and the decisions that they were making. The teens understood. “A lot of them have given their lives to Christ because of that.”

These two stories are powerful testaments of God’s grace reaching and restoring lives. Men, young and old, police officers and drug users, heard the good news of Jesus because of conversations started by Jesus Film’s digital tools. Men who were once enemies, on either side of the law, now share brotherhood in Christ.

You can be a missionary to someone hurting in your city. From your next-door neighbor to a local youth center, to a prison, God can use you to further the Great Commission right where you are. You can read “We Are All Missionaries”, a four-week discussion-based curriculum, to help you learn how to start spiritual conversations with others.

*Names changed for security reasons.