Jesus Film Project Uses Humanitarian Efforts to Share the Gospel

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Iskandar’s* heart ached as he entered the room. The electricity was out. There was no fan.

The one-room home was dark, uncomfortably hot and mostly bare. There were not even mattresses, blankets or pillows.

Jamila and her children had endured these conditions for almost a year. The family had fled from war in a neighboring country and now lived as refugees in this single, dark room.

Still they’d welcomed Iskandar, a Jesus Film Project® coordinator, into their home. Seeing the family’s need, Iskandar and his teammates rushed into action. They brought the family food, a large fan, mattresses, blankets and pillows from Global Aid Network® (GAiN® ), a Cru® humanitarian ministry. The team also offered medical support and winter clothing for when the family needed it.

The family erupted in joy! They thanked Iskandar over and over. But he told them to thank the Lord since He was the One who’d sent these gifts to them.

“Jesus loves you,” said Iskandar. “He is the One who is compassionate toward you today.”

When the family asked to learn more, Iskandar used his portable Pico projector to show “The Story of Jesus for Children” on the wall of their room. After the film screening, all of the children said they wanted to have a relationship with Jesus!

In war-torn regions, innocents like Jamila and her family caught in the turmoil often struggle to survive. They flee to nearby nations and are forced to scrounge for their basic needs. But God is using the efforts of ministries like GAiN and Jesus Film Project to care for these broken-hearted refugees-and is touching their heart to their need for a Savior.

*Some names and/or locations have been changed for confidentiality.