Using the Jesus Film Project App to Share the Gospel

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We believe that film has the power to reach people in powerful and transformative ways. It allows them to experience ideas and perspectives in evocative ways—especially when they can do so in their own heart language. 

To that end, we have hundreds of feature-length and short films that share the life-changing story of Jesus available in multiple languages. These films can be watched online on the Jesus Film Project’s® YouTube channel.

The Jesus Film Project App 

The free Jesus Film Project mobile app is another helpful tool for watching and sharing Jesus-oriented films with others. If you’re interested in discovering how the app can be used to share your faith, we have a few brief videos to get you started.  

Getting started is easy 

Let’s look at some rudimentary ways the app can be used to start a conversation with others about Jesus. In this video, we’ll show you:

  • How to find a particular video
  • How to watch and download videos
  • How to share videos
  • How to keep the conversation going 

Language doesn’t have to be a barrier

Sharing the gospel doesn’t have to be overwhelming—even if the recipient speaks a different language. This video will show you how to use the Jesus Film Project app to overcome language barriers when sharing Jesus.

Seeing opportunities

One of the hardest parts of sharing the gospel is knowing how to make that first step. The Jesus Film Project app can make that easier. This video will teach you how to recognize and use opportunities to talk about Jesus. 

Be connected even when you’re not connected

You won’t always have a Wi-Fi connection when the opportunity to share the gospel arises. You might find yourself on a plane or in a remote area void of any network service. That doesn’t have to hamper your ability to share with others. Learn how to download the videos you want so they’re always available. 

Download the Jesus Film Project App today

The free Jesus Film Project App is full of informative, entertaining, and inspiring movies and films for you and your family, but it’s also an incredible tool for sharing the gospel with the people around you. Download the free app today from the Apple or Android stores.