Real People, Changed Lives: Three Exciting Stories from Jesus Film Project

3 still images from the 3 youtube video. Portrait of 3 different people

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Jesus Film Project® helps people tell the story of Jesus in the heart language of people everywhere. This is done by creating inspiring and life-changing films and resources in many languages, and providing access to equipment to share these tools in the most remote areas worldwide. 

We believe that film brings Jesus’ story to life like no other medium can. And since its release in 1979, the JESUS film has been translated into more than 2,000 languages. Through Jesus Film Project’s library of films and resources, more than 600 million people around the world have chosen to become followers of Jesus. 

These are overwhelming figures! And when we use numbers like that, it’s easy to overlook the individual lives represented by those numbers. But every one of those people represents a very personal story. And every decision to follow Jesus has a ripple effect on families, friend groups and local communities. 

We want to share a few stories with you to help drive home the impact that Jesus’ story has had around the globe. 

A multi-generational legacy of ministry 

Aldo’s father has been faithfully ministering to indigenous communities since the sixties. In fact, he was one of the first in his region to follow Jesus. When the JESUS film was released, he began showing the film to the Mixtec people in Mexico’s Mixteca region. At the time, the JESUS film wasn’t available in the Mixtec language, so Aldo’s father would show the film and translate each scene into the local language. Aldo remembers his father carrying a two-reel projector into over 80 villages to show the movie. 

Today, Aldo follows in his father’s footsteps, building upon his legacy. Watch Aldo’s inspiring story about continuing Jesus’ mission. 

An impromptu ministry that almost didn’t happen

Karubo and her ministry team were wrapping up a local screening of Walking with Jesus. This mini-series, contextualized for Africans, helps new believers understand what it means to follow and grow in their relationship with Jesus. They were approached by Barasa, a Maasai pastor who wanted the team to come to his town to show Walking with Jesus there, too. 

This put Karubo’s team in a tough spot. They were scheduled to be in Nairobi the next day, and going to Barasa’s town would put them behind schedule. So, a few members of Karubo’s team decided to stay and show the film in Barasa’s town. You can see how God blessed this decision by watching this video. 

Navin’s dramatic healing story 

Imagine being unable to speak for the first 12 or 13 years of your life because of a documented disability, and suddenly, dramatically, you’re healed. This is Navin’s incredible story. Discover how Navin’s life was changed while he watched the JESUS film, and how he became a living testimony of Jesus’ message of hope and transformation.

Real people, changed lives 

When talking about Jesus Film Project’s resources and partnerships, it’s easy to rely on the numbers to demonstrate the enormity of film’s impact when sharing the gospel. But those numbers can obscure the fact that individual lives are being touched. Relationships, communities and people are being healed. Life trajectories and family legacies are being changed. And people are learning to walk with Jesus. 
If you’re interested in discovering how you can support Jesus Film Project’s life-changing work, visit Plus, visit our prayer page to learn how you can pray with and for our ministry! We are humbled to do this work alongside you.