3 Reasons Churches Should Partner with Parachurch Organizations

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You might have heard the term “parachurch,” but what does it mean? Simply put, parachurch organizations are Christian institutions that work with many different denominations to meet specific goals. They can run the gamut from charity work to evangelism and outreach. They tend to specialize in areas that individual churches might not be able to cover.

Churches have a lot on their plate, so why should they worry about partnering with parachurch organizations? Here are a few reasons it’s worth considering.

1. They allow you to do more good

As the saying goes, “Many hands make light work.” The more people involved in a task, the easier it is. The same is true of ministry.

A lot of churches feel hamstrung by things like budgetary constrictions, lack of volunteers, or location to do some of the ministries they’re passionate about. The small amount of money that they’re able to invest in helping the homeless just wouldn’t go very far if they were doing it alone. But when they invest in a ministry that’s already doing that work, they’re able to have a bigger impact.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because your church isn’t physically doing the work that you’re not really responsible for the ministry that’s happening. When we share in the investment, we share in the outcome.

2. They help you maintain passionate members

Sometimes people end up leaving churches because they feel deeply about ministries that the church is not able to facilitate. They might love the church they’re in, but feel the need to find a church that syncs up with their particular interests.

Your congregation might not have the resources necessary to put together your own mission trips, but that doesn’t mean that the people interested in missions need to go find another church. By partnering with a parachurch organization, a significant service opportunity is available with a little fundraising.

Parachurch organizations allow your church to take advantage of the structure that already exists without having to reinvent the wheel. This allows members to express their passions without having to find a church that meets every single one of their needs.

3. They facilitate productive evangelism

Every person in the local church should be equipped and prepared to share the gospel with the people around them. Churches should take local outreach seriously and do all they can to lead their communities to Christ.

That said, outreach is the whole goal of the universal church. Jesus commissioned His followers to go into all the world and create disciples. And collectively, the church needs to be focused on seeing this work accomplished. Parachurch organizations allow churches from all over the world to pool their resources, talents, and efforts together to have a larger impact.

Churches shouldn’t feel like they have to choose between local and global outreach. Parachurch organizations give them the opportunity to do both.

Broaden your impact

Partnering with parachurch organizations gives churches a chance to increase their impact around the world. You don’t have to have a large budget or a huge staff to get involved in significant ministry. With the right partnerships, your church can be responsible for a great harvest!

Consider these reasons why

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